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Transforming kinetic into heat energy by friction is the essential function of disc brake components, performing the most vital role in the vehicle safety.

Today, unlike in the past, high-tech brakes are not only responsible for dropping off the speed, but also affect the stability, significantly rises sticking ratio and charges the battery of hybrid cars while Creating security for consumers.

A clutch is another participates in transmitting power. this mechanism temporarily disconnects or engages axle of an ingredient to another. when the conflict, brings the speeds of the two centred axles to a single speed and transmits the torque.

Conducting profitable trading with integrated sales service network is one of the most substantial parameters of customer satisfaction in purchasing these products. For supplying clutch, breaking and engine components you ordered, within the enterprise we are able to give you your best offer.

Which brands Golden Hermez can supply?

Desch Lutex® LKB 19 – GB

Clutch and Brake Combination Lutex® LKB 19 – GBDesch

The pneumatically actuated Lutex® LKB is a dry running single plate combined clutch/brake (C-B-C). Originally upgraded for use on shearing press equipment.
It is particularly appropriate for utilizations where wide-ranging inertias are to be accelerated or reduced. while having a compact construction located between the frame and flywheel. C-B-C covers an extensive range of operating cycle needed.
Torque range is to 165 kNm.

Servox® Brake SB 19 – GB

Servox® Brake SB 19 – GBDesch Brake

The DESCH Servox® Brake is a Static holding brake with specialized heat resistant properties and emergency stop function. It is spring activated, hydraulically released, therefore standard for heavy-duty industrial applications. Also its dimension is not identical to the competitive brakes.
Torque range is from 9 to 15,5 kNm.

valeo Dual Mass Flywheel

Dual Mass FlywheelValeo Flywheel

All Valeo clutches are manufactured according to Valeo’s highest quality standards, making Valeo products reliable. Valeo’s expertise in R&D allows the reduction of clutch noise and vibrations along with enhanced driver comfort through better gear shift.

Valeo clutches are able to perform in any operating environments. Valeo aftermarket ensuring full customer satisfaction.

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