In microbiology field we can supply many thing such as Agar plate, Petri dish , microtiter plate, Stirring rod, Spatula or any specified micro-organism.In following sentences we will define these equipments.

Agar plate is an example of a Petri dish that contains growing substances and its application is grow microorganisms. The main reason for using agar is to solidify the culture medium.
Petri dish is a shallow glass or plastic plate-like container used by biologists to grow cells or small mosses. The laboratory dish is named after its inventor, the German microbiologist Julius Richard Petrie, who invented it while working as an assistant to Robert Koch.
Stirring rod is a laboratory tool used to stir solutions in the laboratory. It can be made of glass or polymeric materials.
Spatula is a laboratory tool used to transfer solids, such as dry powder to paper for weighing. Spatulas (spatulas) are usually made of anti-acid steel.

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