Car lights have been one of the most fascinating parts of car design from the past to the present. In addition to its operational function, the car lighting system also has aesthetic applications in car design. The car lighting sector is changing, which in terms of manufacturing technology, colour and design.In Golden hermez, we can supply automotive light,LED and many more things.

An important part of UV disinfection equipment is lamps. These lamps should be able to produce UV light in the range of disinfection (200-300 nm) with acceptable efficiency and long life. UV lamp converts electrical energy into ultraviolet light energy. The efficiency of the lamp is usually the ratio of the total UV output energy in the scaling area to the external electrical energy.

UV Wavelength is shorter than visible light and longer than X-rays. In other words, UV energy is less than X-rays and more than visible light. UV rays are present in sunlight and cover about 10% of all the waves emitted from the surface of the sun.

Which brands Golden Hermez can supply?


Osram is an international lighting brand headquartered in Munich, Germany.Osram UV lamp is one of ultraviolet lamps or UV lamps, which is the best-selling and most popular lamps of Osram International Company due to its special applications.


  • Effective and environment-friendly disinfection without chemicals
  • Low mercury content
  • Long lifetime due to specific coating
  • Ozone-free

PrevaLED Linear G6 CRI90Osram Linear LED


  • Slim luminaire design by small and flexible form factor
  • High homogeneity thanks to small LED pitch
  • High voltage (HV) optimized for non-isolated, low voltage (LV) optimized for SELV operation
  • Adjustable luminous flux, efficacy and lifetime
  • Direct the light where it’s needed while using PrevaLED Linear Optics

Golden Hermez can supply LEDs & Lighting, Automotive LED, Indicators, Lamps & Bulbs, Laser Diodes.

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