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Pipes and Fittings are made from different alloys. The most widely alloys used in industry are stainless steel and Carbon steel. Each steel material has a different feature. For example Steel 310 is a nickel / chromium austenitic carbon steel that has good resistance to high temperature corrosion up to 1094 degrees Celsius. This properties make steel material very popular.

Our company has a great relationship with many stainless steel pipe manufacture such as Elite Piping Manufacture Co Ltd , EUROPIPE and many others . We can import your desired material with best price and lowest delivery time.

On the other side in high-tech industries and when you want to have very special and accurate composition in your pipe or fitting material. you should use super alloy same as Inconel, Monel , Hastelloy. For more information, you can contact us.

Golden Hermez can supply Back pipe nipple, Galvanized pipe nipple, closed pipe nipple, Seamless pipe nipple, welded pipe nipples, Steel Pipes.

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