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How much do you care about the safety of your car? The car safety system refers to all things that protect car from theft and also preventing injury and Save the lives of car occupants .

Car security systems have been a topic of concern in the early stages of car production. when the number of accidental cars has reached a very high level.The car owner’s complaint car companies to consider a series of security and safety design. In the beginning, these safety staff were car door locks, steering wheel locks, and disk brake. By the way, thieves could easily pass through these to achieve their goal and in accident most of the car occupants were injured and they might die.

But later, safety system has become more advanced every day through its evolutionary process. today we see very strong security systems connected to the Internet and include airbags, camera , Cruise control and so on.

Golden Hermez can supply Airbag System, Cameras, Air bag control module, Alarm and siren, Central locking system, Cruise control computer, Engine control unit.

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