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In the Mechanical Engineering Procurement Department, our team specializes in four different fields of mechanics:

1. Rotary Equipment
2. Instruments
3. Pipe & Fitting
4. Graphite Electrodes.

For each field, we have dedicated engineer consultants and procurement specialists, each with their own network of related manufacturing companies and corresponding customers. They actively provide global procurement services for projects that align with our capabilities.

We provide our customers with comprehensive comparisons of technically and commercially integrated options, supporting them in finding the most suitable and fit solutions for their specified requirements.

The companies that benefit our Mechanics Division are commonly active in the Oil and Gas (Petrochemical) or Steel Industry, utilizing Rotary Equipment, Instruments, Pipe & Fitting, and Graphite Electrodes.

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In our Mechanics Division, our expert consultants serve customers in the oil and gas (petrochemical) and steel industries.
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