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Microtech Technology Company Limited With over decades of expertise, specializes in designing and manufacturing Liquid Crystal Display modules and Touch Panels, including:

  • TN
  • FSTN
  • TFT
  • RTP
  • CTP

Their products, known for high contrast, fast response time, wide viewable angles, and low power consumption, find applications in various industries such as Industrial Equipment, Medical devices, Home Intelligent Devices, Digital cameras, Video Game Devices, and Instruments.

Microtech is committed to ISO 9001:2015 standards and has earned a strong reputation among both domestic and international customers, establishing enduring strategic partnerships.


Microtech Quality

Since its establishment, the management has been following human-oriented strategy and developing reliance among customers. To comply with these beliefs and ISO 9001:2015 standards,Microtech keeps on recruiting capable professionals,adopting advanced technology, developing new products, improving process and enhancing quality.Based on its strong R&D capacity, outstanding product quality and professional service, Microtech has won the high reputation from both mainland and oversea customers,and established long-term strategic partner relationship with them.



Microtech Technology Company Limited established in 2001,offers professional design and manufacturing services for hundreds types of Liquid Crystal Display modules and Touch Panels-TN,FSTN,TFT,RTP,CTP.With the advantages of high contrast,fast response time,wide viewable angle and low power consumption,Microtech’s products are widely used in Industrial Equipment, Medical devices, Home Intelligent Devices, Digital cameras, Video Game Devices,Instruments etc.

Spotlight ProductsProfessional high-end manufacturing, creating new era displayMicrotech

touch panel microtech

Microtech TFT LCD Display

IPS 80×160 Resolution 0.96 inch.
Backlight 600~1000 Nits 10.1 Inch.
Small LCD Screen 1.44” Inch.
EDP I/F 30 pin 15.6 Inch TFT LCD.
11.6 inch TFT LCD Display.
800×1280 Resolution 40 Pin.
1080×1920 Resolution 5 Inch MIPI.

Microtech Touch PanelsPanel

3.5 Inch 320×240 Capacitive Touch Screen.
Customised Digital 7 inch TFT Capacitive.
Industrial 13.3 Inch LCD Capacitive Touch.
11.6 Inch Capacitive Touch Panel.
Interface 20 Point 23.6 inch Multi Touch Screen.
FT3267 G+F 1.44 inch Resistive Touch Panel.
Professional Solution 5 inch Capacitive Touch.

microtech tft lcd

Microtech Graphic LCD DisplayGraphic

Graphic LCD Display FPC 8 Pin 0.5 Pitch.
COG Type 101×64 Ultra-Wide Graphic LCD.
COG Connection Type 128×64 dots 29 pin 0.8 pitch.
FSTN LCD Display With 128*64 Dots.
Graphic 128×64 dots STN, Positive.
COG Screen 128×32 Dots LCD Graphic Display.
Long FPC 128×32 Dots Custom COG LCD.

Microtech COB Character LCD ModuleModule

Customisation Controller & View Area LCD Modules.
Single Side Small 11 pin Custom Pattern STN.
20×4 Alphanumeric 2 Line Lcd Display Module.
128×32, 160×48, 96×64, Customised COB Character.
COG COB Panel 128×32, 160×48, 128×128.
Small 30pin Custom Pattern FSTN LCD Display.
Customised COB Both Sides 16 Long Pin Custom.

micro tech lcd module
microtech tft

Microtech TFT Displays & EmbeddedTFT

10.1inch 1280×800 Screen with Grade Linux, Android System Industrial Application Motherboard Solution.
15.6 inch 1920×1080 Scren Rockchip px30 Quad-core.
10.1 Inch RK3399 Android System 2GB & 16GB.
SMT PCBA Solution RK3288W CPU, 4x DDR3.
7″ 800×480 MCU Interface TFT LCD Module.
7inch 1024×600 LCD LCD Panel Display LCD.

Microtech Advertisement DisplayAdvertisement

12.1 Inch to 42 49 55 65 Inch Advertising Display.
12.1 Inch to 42 49 55 65 Screen Indoor Advertising Led.
18.5 Inch to 42 49 55 65 Screen Indoor Light Display.
18.5 Inch to 42 49 55 65 Screen Indoor or Outdoor.
18.5″ to 65″ Cheap Price Full Color Display Advertising.
China Indoor 18.5 Inch 42 49 55 65 Screen Black Android White Light.

Advertisement Display microtech
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