Pipes & FittingsFittings

In the pipe and fitting sector for oil and gas, petrochemical industries, and heavy industries, below types of valves and fittings are under our portfolio of consulting and procurement :

  1. Valves: – Gate valves – Ball valves – Globe valves – Check valves – Butterfly valves
    – Control valves
  2. Tubes and Pipes: – Seamless pipes – Welded pipes – Tubing – Piping systems
  3. Pressure Relief Devices: – Pressure relief valves – Rupture discs
  4. Expansion Joints: – Metal expansion joint – Rubber expansion joint – Fabric expansion joints
  5. Pipe and Sealing Products: – Gaskets – Seals – Insulation materials -Pipe supports
  6. Fittings: -Elbows – Tees – Reducers – Caps – Crosses
  7. Manifolds: -Distribution manifolds -Instrument manifolds
  8. Strainers and Filters:  – Y strainers – Basket strainers – Inline filters
  9. Supports and Hangers: – Pipe supports – Hangers – Clamps

You can count on Golden Hermez GmbH in the realm of pipe and fittings from below manufactures:

  • FHT Valve
  • Samson Group
  • Flowserve
  • Leser
  • Rickmeier Valve
  • Parker Hannifin
  • Bosch Rexroth

For inquiries related to this matter, please send your RFQ to the following email address: sales-int@golden-hermez.de



LESER Type 811

Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve 811Leser

Safety valves are automatic valves and should be installed where the operating pressure of the system is likely to exceed its maximum allowable. In steam systems, safety valves are typically used to protect against boiler overpressure and other applications such as downstream pressure-reducing controls. LESER High-Efficiency safety valves of Type 811 are designed, produced, and approved according to the requirements of the many regulations.

Pneumatic Globe valve 3321Samson Group

The double guiding of the plug by the seat and body allows standard SAMSON globe and angle valves to be operated with little vibration. In part, low-cavitation operation can considerably reduce the sound pressure level in the valve and prevent mechanical vibration. As a result, erosion on the surfaces of the internal parts can be avoided, which considerably extends the valve’s service life. The cost incurred throughout the entire product life cycle is reduced, not least because unscheduled plant shutdowns are avoided.


Pilot Operated Pressure Control Valve DBV125RICKMEIER

Rickmeier, a renowned name in hydraulic engineering, has been a leading force since its establishment. Based in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany, the company excels in manufacturing high-quality hydraulic pumps and systems. Rickmeier’s solutions find applications across diverse industries, including machinery, energy and marine. With a commitment to precision and reliability, Rickmeier upholds stringent quality standards and certifications in its production processes. The company’s hydraulic innovations continue to power efficiency and performance across a broad spectrum of global applications.

2/2-Way Mini Solenoid Valve 6011Burkert

Established as a pioneer in fluid control systems, Burkert has been a key player since its founding. Headquartered in Ingelfingen, Germany, the company specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality fluid control solutions. Burkert’s comprehensive product range, including valves, sensors, and controllers, caters to industries such as water treatment, With a focus on quality and reliability, Burkert adheres to rigorous standards and certifications, ensuring its fluid control systems meet the highest industry benchmarks.

burkert valve
burkert logo

Three Ways Trunnion Soft Seated 120 INTECFHT Valves

FHT Valves, a prominent name in valve technology, has been a reliable partner in fluid control since its establishment. Based in Italy, the company specializes in the design and production of high-performance valves for various industries, including oil and gas, chemical processing, and water treatment. FHT Valves is committed to meeting stringent quality and safety standards, with certifications that underscore their dedication to providing reliable and efficient fluid control solutions globally.

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