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The GHG Health division operates as a subsidiary of Golden Hermez GmbH, specializing in providing clean industry procurement. Within the Health division, the Nutrition department, one of its two sectors, actively participates in B2B procurement for the Food and Beverage market, catering to the specific requirements of this industry.

We support our customers with packaging materials and processing equipment, primarily catering to dairy and beverage companies, food producers, and packaging organizations that require such manufacturing equipment.

We have forged strong connections with manufacturers in this field, particularly with the following three companies. We are highly confident in our ability to offer competitive prices within this trio of brands:

  • Tetra Pak
  • Festo
  • GEA

If you have inquiries related to these manufacturers, please ensure to send us your RfQs. We are confident in providing most competitive prices throughout the whole Germany.


Procurement of clean industry equipment for processing and packaging organisations.


Spare Parts & ComponentsTetra Pak

Tetra Pak, a global leader in food processing and packaging solutions, has been a pivotal player since its inception. Headquartered in Lund, Sweden, the company specializes in providing innovative packaging systems for the food and beverage industry. Tetra Pak’s solutions cover a wide range of products, including cartons, processing equipment, and distribution solutions. Their pasteurizers, homogenizers, and mixers contribute to the quality and efficiency of liquid food production. Aseptic processing equipment guarantees sterility without preservatives. Fillers ensure precise packaging, and Clean-in-Place (CIP) systems automate hygiene maintenance.

DFPC Pneumatic Quarter Turn ActuatorsFesto

One of Festo’s products used in the food packaging industry is the DFPC Pneumatic Quarter Turn Actuator. This actuator is designed for applications requiring precise and controlled rotary movements, making it suitable for various tasks within the food packaging process.

Twin Hydro Hermetic SealingGEA

GEA’s Twin HydroHermetic Sealing system is designed for efficient and reliable packaging in the food industry. It ensures hermetic sealing, preserving product integrity. This system is known for its precision in accommodating various packaging formats. The twin configuration enhances throughput and efficiency. It contributes to airtight packaging, extending product shelf life and maintaining freshness. It is a key component in GEA’s comprehensive solutions for the food packaging sector.

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