OUR CAPABILITIES IN SUPPLYING Pharmaceutical & HealthPharmaceutical & HealthPharmaceutical


Golden Hermez GmbH has set up its operation to deal with healthcare supply needs from local project level to national scale tenders, supplying various well-known brands of generic pharmaceuticals and medical and consumable products.

Our strong team possess a wide range of in-house skills and includes pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, medical engineers, commercial executives, administrators, warehouse, logistics staff and a globally based sales force.
Pharmaceutical golden hermez
We are committed to helping laboratories and Pharmaceutical manufactures become more efficient and profitable with our high quality and low cost.

Service of our Pharmaceutical Department

Solution for your business

Benefits of staying in touch with pharma Department of Golden Hermez GmbH:

Supplying Variety of popular brands
Supplying a wide range of products
Reasonable prices
Fast delivery
Best Quality
Assistance and advice in development phase

Customers include major pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, trusts, hospitals, retail chemists and GPS as well as multilateral organisations, NGOs, charities, government agencies, pharmaceutical wholesalers and traders.

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