Our pharma team plays a crucial role in the industrial production line, facilitating the supply and procurement process to aid the pharmaceutical industry in developing and enhancing machinery and equipment. Collaborating with renowned brands such as Watson Marlow, Swep, Witeg, S+S Regeltechnik, Eppendorf, Hawo, Vacuubrand, and Anderson Negele, we are committed to advancing the capabilities of pharmaceutical producers. Count on us for top-notch solutions that contribute to the efficiency and innovation of production sites within the pharmaceutical sector.

Raw MaterialsChemichal

Chemical Component Chemichal

Golden Hermez GmbH has been the preferred choice for supplying high-quality fine chemicals in substantial quantities. Our range includes over 40,000 fine chemicals, Whether you require our products for a laboratory, pilot plant, or production facility, we offer the size options you need.

For the distribution of fine chemicals and laboratory products, you can get in touch with our pharma team.

Production Line Spare PartsSpare Parts

Golden Hermez GmbH consistently provides unwavering support to pharmaceutical enterprises, ensuring the delivery of superior-quality products tailored to their specific requirements. Within our purview of procurement services, our pharmaceutical team facilitates access to an extensive array of technical components. This encompasses sensors, electric motors, modules, monitors, controllers, control panels, mechanical seals, switches, pumps, pressure gauges, valves, scanners, fans, electrodes, connectors, cables, agitators, kits, VFD units, and regulators meticulously curated for the pharmaceutical industry. Leveraging our expertise, we specialize in meeting the exacting demands of this sector, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance across diverse applications. Our commitment to excellence extends to every facet of the pharmaceutical supply chain, guaranteeing a comprehensive and reliable solution for our clients. With a focus on innovation and reliability, Golden Hermez GmbH stands as a trusted partner in advancing the pharmaceutical industry’s capabilities.
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